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Frequently Asked Questions

Login FAQ’s

Please go to the contact page and complete a request with as much information as possible and we will get back to you usually within 10 days.

Login with the unique login for your charity and amend your details on the Charity Login page. Once completed, click the “Update” Button on the page.

Contact the Foundation FAQ’s

If you are making a general enquiry, please click on the “Contact Us” button below

Application Process FAQ’s

When you press the Submit button on the application, you should receive a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address on your profile. Do check that it has not been deleted or that is has been marked as spam.

If you are still uncertain, please click on the “Contact Us” button below to enquire about the status of your application.

All successful applicants will be notified within one month of the meeting date.

Unsuccessful applicants will not be contacted to minimise administration costs.

A charity can only submit a further grant application a full 12 months after the date of their last application. This applies in all instances, even if the further application is for a different project.

The Trustees appreciate receiving progress reports in relation to grants made to charities.

Progress reports should briefly describe the manner in which the grant has been utilised and benefits gained.

Our preference is for the report to be sent as an attachment via the Contact Us page. Our postal address is also listed on that page.

9am UK Time on the day shown on the Application Cycle Page

FAQ’s didn’t solve your problem?

If your query is not answered above in the FAQ’s Section and you wish to contact us, please click on the “Contact Us” button below.